Thursday, April 23, 2009

Hat Day

I recently read this post at The House of Heavy Sighs and I was quick to say, sign me up!

A couple years ago for Christmas, my lovely friends the Baskinds bought me the book Knitting for Peace. This is a book which I highly recommend, by the way. Not only are the patterns cute (my initial motivation for wanting the book in the first place!), but there is contact information for many charities who accept handknit items as well as guidelines. There are also inspirational stories, including my personal favorite, the story behind Peace Fleece (one of my favorite yarns now). So. A lovely and heartfelt gift that continues giving. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I made several of the Jester's caps for the cause (does anyone else think 'Gone With the Wind' when they refer to 'the cause'? Just me? Ok.)

I think they turned out pretty cute.

Here's the best part: As I was finishing up the last one, my youngest asked what I was doing. When I explained it to her, she said, "I wanna make a hat for the babies."


"These aren't the sort of babies that are obnoxious and get into things and chew on your glasses, are they?" (Olivia was disenchanted towards that sort of baby)

"Nope. These are teeny tiny babies who are working really hard to grow into that sort of baby."

"Ok. They should get their chance."

Olivia crocheted this.

Olivia is a good kid.

Here's one of mine on the doll, in case it was hard to imagine from the flat pics.

They are so wee. It is hard to imagine the head that will fit nicely into such a small article of clothing. I checked and re-checked my gauge and measurements. They were correct. I showed one to my sister, whose only daughter had been a preemie. She assured me that they looked just right.

I hope they are.

I'd forgotten how good it felt to knit for something beyond the sheer joy of it. When there was a purpose behind it, that joy was multiplied.

You worry about growing strong, little one. I'll worry about keeping your head warm.