Friday, July 24, 2009

CassCozie Phase 2 (3?)

Well, the last time you saw the CassCozie, it looked like this:

When I got it back from Kim, it looked like this (minus the sleeve - I forgot to take a picture before I started working!):

I sent it back to Kim today looking like this:

This is WAY more fun than a Snuggie! Watch this space!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Looney Luna

Like many many others, we went to the midnite (well, 12:09, to be precise) showing of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. In years past when there was a midnite movie or book release party, we'd put some time and effort into costuming. Not as much time and effort as SOME folks put into it, but, you know, some.

Some years ago, my mom made cloaks for the girls. They were fully lined and lovely. These cloaks were worn for Halloween once or twice as well as for every movie and book release. Plus a little bit of general dress up. They were well worn and well loved.

Last night we're pretty sure Liv got the last use out of hers. It was a little tight and a little short, but it still worked, we thought.

Liv decided she wanted to be Luna Lovegood. A lovely choice. Everything other than the cloak was her own doing. First of all, she figured the best way to conjure Luna (AND give her something to do during the long wait before the movie) was to make herself a copy of The Quibbler. Which she proceeded to read upside down.

She found a template online and copied it, then glued it to construction paper. Initially she tried gluing that to an actual magazine, but she ran into some logistical problems she hadn't expected. Ever resourceful, she used the three hole punch to piece her covers together with a few pages from another magazine. (Once at the theater, she definitely wished she'd thought to add more content)

Quibbler good to go, robe on, hair curled (not in these pictures - Mom wasn't too quick with the camera), wand at the ready, a couple hours till showtime.

What to do? What to do?

What anyone would do, of course. She crocheted a holster for her wand in Ravenclaw colors. She had some problems with the tip of the wand poking through the loosely crocheted fabric, so she lined it. I was so proud of her ingenuity I could hardly see straight.

Yep, there's no way I can deny this one. I'm pretty sure she's mine.