Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Greatest Dolls in the Whoniverse

So recently I have been getting into the Doctor Who spirit with my crocheting, knitting, and..... well..... everything. Completely obsessed with it. Anywho, (hehehe...get it? anyWHO! HA!) I have some photos of all the Doctor Who dolls I have crocheted within the last year. Here we go.

This is a weeping angel. They are some of the scariest villains EVER. They send you to the past and feed on the potential energy you had in the present. They're the only psychopaths in the universe to kill you nicely. They turn into stone when you look at them, but they move fast, so you can't blink. Don't turn around, don't look away, and don't blink. Good luck.

These are daleks. They are my favorite villains. They're Kaled mutant things that used to live by feeding on radiation, then they evolved. They are the first non-human creatures on Doctor Who (other than the Doctor and Susan, of course). They move around and say EXTERMINATE!!!! in a very grated, cause-your-ear-pain kind of voice. They're just plain awesome.
All eleven of the Time Lord himself! From bow-ties to 16 foot scarves, he's the man to call if you need either to save the universe or plan a halloween costume! He can call off multi-planitary armies with just the mention of his name! Don't believe me? Would you believe me if I told you he's over 1113 years old? And you thought you were old! Anywho, (there I go again) he flies around in his TARDIS (time and relative dimensions in space) picking up hot girls and showing them the universe and often getting in a lot of trouble doing so. He's basically the greatest super-hero of all time. Just saying.
This is an ood. They are kind, selfless creatures that are born with their brains in their hands. They are often enslaved by ruthless aliens who don't give a crap about other creature's well being. They speak through that round white thing that I have sewn to his hand (it holds their brains inside of it) and they say things through it telepathically. Unfortunately, that makes them considerably more vulnerable to being taken over. They are the good guys, but because they are taken over by bad guys, that makes them bad guys and it is really hard to save them. The episodes with them are often quite emotional. On a happier note.....This is K-9! He is the fourth doctor's best companion (in my opinion) and he is a metal canine (get it? Canine? K-9? Funny, right?) He is good at calculating, but not too good at swimming. He often confirms statements made by various people by saying, "Affirmative!" There are four versions of him, and he is as brave and funny and loyal as a metallic canine can be. He is an excellent dog, companion, and person in general.
This is an adipose. They were brought to the earth by their "nanny" and they were sold as weight loss pills. The humans took the pill, then every night one of these adipose creatures would be formed out of the fat in the people and walk away while the person was asleep. They are some of the cutest villains (as if you couldn't tell) and they make the most adorable baby noises ever. The pills they were born from were advertised by, "The fat just walks away." No one thought they meant it literally except the Doctor and Donna Noble.

Well, that is the end of the current dolls that I own, but I wouldn't be surprised if there were more of them in the future. Feel free to watch Doctor Who and message me so we can obsess over it and talk about how awesome it is. That would be all. For now.

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