Wednesday, May 13, 2009

CassCozie - Phase 1

This is what the CassCozie looked like after the raglan shaping was done and I slipped it off the needles to send it to Kim (as modeled by the lovely Lea)

Of course now Lea and I are both wanting one... you don't suppose we could get anyone to do half the work for one for ME do you? Those long rows were startin' to get MIGHTY boring... but when Kim sends it back it will be all shiny and new and I'll be anxious to work on it again.


  1. I really wish I was able to do stuff like this! I just make big tangly messes of yearn and stuff. Not good!

    This looks beautiful and your model is stunning!

  2. Again...CUTE! And has anyone told you that your daughters look exactly like you? They are both beautiful!