Sunday, February 12, 2012

A Study in Sherlock

I have recently been doing research on the studies of crime of my dear fictional friend Mr. Sherlock Holmes. In case you (blasphemously) have never heard of him, he is very observant to the point that his talent has caused him the need to create his own job, thus making him the worlds only consulting detective. I find myself intrigued by him to the point that I felt the need to show my appreciation of his works through crocheting and knitting. What follows is the result.

This is the scarf of his friend Dr. John Watson as portrayed by Jude Law in the most recent Sherlock Holmes movie, Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows. All of the Sherlock Holmes stories are from written in Dr. Watson's point of view, in the books and movies through the means of his journal and in the most recent BBC series through his blog titled "The blog of Dr. John H. Watson".

This is the hat Sherlock often wears when going out to solve crime. In this picture he is examining the writing on the wall in a room in which he and Watson found themselves on their very first adventure, A Study in Scarlet. In this story, the killer carved the German word "Rache", meaning revenge, on the wall, trying to pass himself off as a German person so that the real person would never be found. Sherlock Holmes, however, was not fooled for a second.
This is a doll attempting to portray Sherlock. If I were to judge, I'd say he does a pretty good job at that.
That is all I have of Sherlock Holmes right now, however that count is subject to change at any given moment. If I ever try to make another Sherlock Holmes depicting object, you can be sure to hear about it.

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